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The Write Words, the Right Time, the Work of an Experienced Copywriter

You want a copywriter who knows not just the right words to use, but also someone who knows exactly when and what the target market wants to hear. In the saturated world of the internet today, getting found is a massive struggle. And that’s why you need a copywriter who knows how to make readers stop in their tracks.

Good content also makes them browse through at least a few pages, and have a strong call to action to prompt them on to take the next step.


Driving Results with SEO, Content, Social Media and Ad Placements

SEO and social media marketing has become enmeshed with copywriting and website development…you can’t do with just one without at least another. Small and medium sized corporations are fighting with the sharks out there shuffling cash around without nary a worry.

We don’t have the luxury of that. Every decision, every word, all content and ad placements have to bring something new to the plate. Sometimes, it require intelligent strategizing and balancing of the budget to bring in the result that we want.

Forward-Thinking Online Strategies, Effective Marketing Campaigns

I work sometimes alone, and sometimes with other talented teams, individuals and companies, to come up with very personalized, custom-tailored approach to help you reach your customers. There are no cookie cutter solutions in this day and age so, everything from SEO, conversion optimization, social media planning and posts, press releases, blogs and advertisements are based solely on your target and budget.

Instead of wasting precious resources on things that MIGHT not work, we’ll create a funnel to optimize every dollar you spend on your internet marketing campaign.

Leaving a good impression with good copy for your marketing material, website, and blogs is absolutely crucial for your business
Copywriting services for corporate material, websites, brochures, magazines, journals, promotional & marketing material

Corporate Copywriting

Hire a professional copywriter to produce dynamic, powerful content for your corporate material. Nothing fancy, nothing too long, but precise and impactful.

Google search engine on a smartphone
Hire a professional copywriter for search engine optimized content for your website which includes both targeted and long-tail keywords that’ll help you rank better in search engines

SEO Content Writing

Create SEO content that’s both reader- and search engine-friendly easily for websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. Help your customers find you on search engines, directories and links using strategic keywords related to your products/services.

Browsing the internet with a friend is common on a laptop for both business and personal needs
Professionally-written content for your website, social media pages, online marketing materials, emails, and newsletters

Web Content

This is your chance to shine a light on your core business, how you can help your clients/customers, and how they stand to benefit from buying or working with you. Find out more about how to enhance your 24/7 front line employees with the help of a original, reliable, professional web content writing.

Shopping is now done more and more online than ever before

eCommerce Website Content

In a very short period of time, you need to answer their innermost questions “What’s in it for me?” and “Is this it?” Your copy needs to scream “YES! Hell, yes, yes YES!” in a very short period of time. Zoom in on key elements of your business and make them stick.

Stay connected, relevant and interesting to your readers, customers and associates through your blog
Create unique, interesting and professional content for your blogs to keep your readers, customers, and business associates coming back for more

Blog Content

Blogging is a very time consuming affair. Instead of merely stringing words together, have someone find, process, produce and highlight the latest and most interesting, fun, and relevant content/news/events on your blog. Make a strong impact quickly, effectively. That’s why I run multiple blogs, with each of them serving different purposes.

Stay connected and keep your readers and fans updated with latest news, and interesting content on your social media pages
Create a content calendar for your website, blog and social media sites to ensure timely content posting, maximum reach and engagement

Social Media

The Word-vengers will be on your case to create the biggest impact on your social media pages without the massive budget. The content calendar include text, graphics, and videos to wow your audience.

What Makes a Successful Social Media Campaign

The easy part is creating your own social media profiles; the hard part is to get it noticed; the toughest obstacle is to get people to connect with you.

One thing I always try to impart to people I talk about social media with is that they need to understand that Facebook is not Twitter, and Twitter is not Instagram. Pinterest and Tumblr is not Linkedin. There’s a whole barrage of social media apps and platforms out there and the first thing we need to nail down is WHICH ONE.

Depending on your business structure, budget, business trajectory, and demographic, I’ll help you choose the right platform to focus on and work it the right way. Sometimes, it’s about creating and blasting a #hashtag campaign into space, other times, it’s about connecting with your customers. You can also make moves to increase the number of likes on your social media accounts with ads or possibly-viral content.

What you need to remember that no social media campaign should be the lone ranger Marlboro man. It needs to work together with a solid content marketing gameplan, ads campaign, and email marketing.

Making Social Social Again

We’ve come a full circle when it comes to internet marketing. I believe that we’ve gone back to the days of the 1880s when news was sent via horses or pigeons…or in Harry Potter’s case, Hedwig the owl.

People are inundated with not just ad after ad, one news piece after another, but also rumors, panicked blog posts, photoshopped pictures, aggressive marketing emails, uninvited Whatsapp messages, new ‘Friends’ on Facebook, and worse yet, cruel, uncalled-for taunts on Twitter. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, someone called us fat on Instagram.

This is you, your mother, your dad, your uncle, your friend…and yes, YOUR CUSTOMERS.

They have it way in over their heads too.

So, a good social media campaign needs to be personal, on-the-dot, stripped of shenanigans, honest, genuine, helpful, entertaining, funny, informative, and something people can connect with.

Be Professional Minus the Pitfalls

After consultation, I will help you decide if you need someone full-time, pay for an app, or just do it yourself. It’s not rocket science if I were to be honest about it.

What we really need to be careful about is the way things are worded, the timing of the post, the people you’re engaging with, prompt response, and avoidance of sensitive topics.

What we want is, ultimately, someone who can be the human behind the brand. This is what makes social media powerful these days.

If you want to assemble a social media team, or would like to work with me on your social media campaign, hit me up with an email or complete the request form at the bottom of this page and let’s have a quick discussion!

Search Engine Content Writing and Keyword Ranking

On top of helping you write reader- and search engine-friendly content for your website/blog, I’ll help you scope out your competitors or find out trending keywords that people are using to find your products/services on the internet.

Your preferred keywords would not only be strategically and intelligently used in the website content but also in the META tags to help you along with SERPs.

eCommerce Product Content and Writeups

What you DON’T need is long copy explaining everything. But what you DO need is to quickly grab their attention with keywords and on-point descriptions. In a very short period of time, you need to answer their innermost question “What’s in it for me?” and “Is this it?”

Your copy needs to scream “YES! Hell, yes, yes YES!” in a very short period of time…and not in those exact words.

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