Kick-Ass Content and Online Marketing Strategies

Effective Content Copywriting & Editing

In the saturated world of the internet today, getting found is a massive struggle. Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration when putting together your content marketing strategies.

  1. What does your audience want to hear from you? 
  2. What excites them?
  3. What drive them to take action?
  4. What are the topics that bring them back time and time again
  5. Are there things that make them hit the ‘like’ button? If yes, what?
  6. How do you make them ‘follow’ you?
  7. Are you being ‘selflessly’ helpful?
  8. Are you bring pushy and self righteous without realizing it?
  9. How and when are you connecting with them?
  10. Are there calls to action?
  11. Is the content SEOd according to the latest trends and algorithms? (or too much)
  12. Are you optimizing on omnichannels or relying too much on search engine optimization?

Align your Content with your SEM and Social Media Campaigns

Every piece of content, social media posts, every word, and ad placements have to bring something new to the plate. Sometimes, it require intelligent SEO strategizing and balancing of the budget to bring in the result that we want.

Have a look at your KPIs, goals, revenue goals and align/time them effectively with the content you’re producing. Are they working together or fighting each other? Working with a content calendar, you’ll be in a better position to bring positive results.

Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

Leaving a good impression with good copy for your marketing material, website, and blogs is absolutely crucial for your business

Use a personalized, custom-tailored approach to help you reach your customers. There are no cookie cutter solutions in this day and age so, everything from SEO, conversion optimization, social media planning and posts, press releases, blogs and advertisements are based solely on your target and budget.

Instead of wasting precious resources on things that MIGHT not work, we’ll create a funnel to optimize every dollar you spend on your internet marketing campaign.

Corporate Copywriting

If you don’t have an in-house copywriter, hire a professional copywriter to produce dynamic, powerful content for your corporate material. Nothing fancy, nothing too long, but precise and impactful.

Google search engine on a smartphone
Hire a professional copywriter for search engine optimized content for your website which includes both targeted and long-tail keywords that’ll help you rank better in search engines

SEO Content Writing

Create SEO content that’s both reader- and search engine-friendly easily for websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. Help your customers find you on search engines, directories and links using strategic keywords related to your products/services.

Browsing the internet with a friend is common on a laptop for both business and personal needs
Professionally-written content for your website, social media pages, online marketing materials, emails, and newsletters

Web Content Writing

This is your chance to shine a light on your core business, how you can help your clients/customers, and how they stand to benefit from buying or working with you. Find out more about how to enhance your 24/7 front line employees with the help of a original, reliable, professional web content writing.

Shopping is now done more and more online than ever before

eCommerce Website Content Writing

In a very short period of time, you need to answer their innermost questions “What’s in it for me?” and “Is this it?” Your copy needs to scream “YES! Hell, yes, yes YES!” in a very short period of time. Zoom in on key elements of your business and make them stick.

Blog Content Strategies Writing Strategies

Blogging is a very time consuming affair. Instead of merely stringing words together, have someone find, process, produce and highlight the latest and most interesting, fun, and relevant content/news/events on your blog. Make a strong impact quickly, effectively. That’s why I run multiple blogs, with each of them serving different purposes.

Stay connected, relevant and interesting to your readers, customers and associates through your blog
Create unique, interesting and professional content for your blogs to keep your readers, customers, and business associates coming back for more
Stay connected and keep your readers and fans updated with latest news, and interesting content on your social media pages
Create a content calendar for your website, blog and social media sites to ensure timely content posting, maximum reach and engagement

Launch Advanced Digital Marketing, SEO Strategies for Online and Retail Businesses

The Word-vengers will be on your case to create the biggest impact on your social media pages without the massive budget. The content calendar include text, graphics, and videos to wow your audience.

Meet your revenue goals, reach your target markets, analyze your competitors, and create content that help convert your website visitors into customers with your website and social media accounts within months of launching your content writing and marketing campaigns.

You’ll be backed by SEO strategists, content writers, social media & digital marketing analysts with at least 10 years of experience!

Start Driving Offline and Online Sales Now

Meet your revenue goals, reach your target markets, analyze your competitors, and create content that help convert your website visitors into customers with your website and social media accounts within months of launching your content writing and marketing campaigns.

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