Forgive, For Heaven’s Sake

Betrayal. Death. Judged. Taken for granted. We’ve all experienced that. Explore the emotions behind it and discover a way around it. The biggest gift you can give yourself as an ever-evolving human being is to understand that things happen. And when they do, even when it’s completely your fault, you don’t have to drag them around.

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Published by Marsha Maung

I am a freelance writer, copywriter, blogger, social media and online advertising consultant. On the other side of my Universe is a life of being a mother to 2 boys who are always ravenous or mean to each other. They love each other, but if I say that, they'll kill each other. I have been in the internet world since 2000 when I started off with a couple of dot-bombs but they've served me well. Right now, I primarily write for blogs and learning heaps about the ever-evolving world of social media and search engine marketing. Hit me up and we can learn together! Life is better together.

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