Creating a Sales Funnel from your Landing Pages

Writing effective copy and designing good landing pages spells either success or failure for your landing pages. Let your customers know what’s in it for them as soon as they arrive at your landing pages with clear CTAs.

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What Are Content Writers in the New Internet Age? We’ve Changed!

Are content writers merely people who sit down and write SEO articles that are of little value to real humans? What exactly do professional content writers do everyday? The common assumption is this: content writers sit down in front of their computers writing out SEO articles that is of little value to human readers and choked up with keywords and elementary. Well…things have changed!

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Journaling Every Night to Keep You Moving towards Your Dreams and Goals

People think very little about the act and practice of journaling because it is what little kids do and what adults doodle out during boring meetings. I’ve got news for you! Journaling help keep your thoughts together, improve your writing skills, help you set and achieve goals, record ideas, relieve stress and allow for deep, insightful self-reflection.

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Content Writing Tips – Navigating the Evolving Content Production Landscape

It’s now 2020…no longer 2000. The online marketing landscape has changed so much it is is literally unrecognizable. Now, we’re living in an age of instant gratification and disruption. You need to change with your readers and understanding what your customers, readers, and fans are yearning from you…and how to deliver

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Forgive, For Heaven’s Sake

Betrayal. Death. Judged. Taken for granted. We’ve all experienced that. Explore the emotions behind it and discover a way around it. The biggest gift you can give yourself as an ever-evolving human being is to understand that things happen. And when they do, even when it’s completely your fault, you don’t have to drag them around.

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Ways to Develop Your Content Creation Skill and Why it is Important Today

If people asked me what content writing is all about and if it is important, there’s no question about it. The answer is YES. Content comes in many different forms and these are the many reasons you should update and upgrade your skill all the time.

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The Work of Backlinking, Persistent and Thick-Skinned Work

Google deems backlinks as a nod from others…especially websites with good Domain Scores. How do we work our way toward getting top quality link in this saturated cyber world?

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Authentic Life: Checking In to Maintain a More Balanced, Happier Self

Balancing out your authentic self with what the world demands of you. How much of yourself do you let go of?

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Medium Fares – Is the Medium Publishing Platform Dying?

When compared to Twitter, Medium is not scoring big on analytics. Here’s why I still see its value.

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Don’t Give Up on your Email Marketing Campaign

If you think email marketing is dead, I beg to differ. Here are some reasons why email marketing is alive and kicking and why you should invest time and money in it.

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